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Skilling & Employment 4000 Job Celebration


The Skilling & Employment team have celebrated the reopening of the refurbished Centre along with having assisted more than 4,000 people gain employment since opening 10 years ago.


Since opening in 2005, Skilling & Employment has assisted  people to find jobs - our achievement is consistently 'a job a day'. We focus on helping people to obtain local jobs, an important goal, as 64% of our clients rely on public transport.

  • 4304 successful clients 
  • 93% success rate "A job a day"
  • 82% of clients reside within 5K of centre
  • 64% rely on public transport
  • 51% of clients who have found work are working less than 5K from St Marys
  • 73% are working less than 10K from St Marys.
Skilling & Employment 8th Birthday Celebration

SKILLING AND EMPLOYMENT celebrated its 9th Birthday on 4th April 2014.  Many new job seekers attended the monthly Job Seeker workshop and joined in the celebration enjoying a celebration cake.


Amanda Mendham
Amanda Mendham

MAY 2014 -

Amanda came into Skilling and Employment as she was wanting to return to the Workforce.  Amanda had been made redundant and also then took time out to have a baby.  Amanda's skills and experience are in Administration so we reviewed her resume and made updates along with preparing a general cover letter to cold canvas with.  We also tailored cover letter to suit the roles she was applying for.  Resumes were forwarded to Agencies and direct to employers.  Interviews took place but no success.  After 3 months, Amanda approached Skilling and Employment feeling pretty down.  We took another approach on how to jobsearch and on applying for one specific role at the Office, within the hour she had a phone call and was asked to attend an interview.

Amanda was successful and has now been working at her new place of employment for the past month and thoroughly enjoying.  Her comments to Skilling and Employment were as follows:-

"Being a Mum of 2 young babies I felt not too confident on looking for a job.  Being 32 I also felt a bit outdated and not with the times in regards to resumes and cover letters.  With the wonderful help and encouragement of Kim and her team, I always felt welcome.

The company that hire me said I was a standout and I have to say that wouldn't have been the case without Kim.

Can't thank you enough"


Ramon Ortiz
Ramon Ortiz

2000TH CLIENT TO OBTAIN LOCAL WORK  -  Ropes Crossing resident Ramon Ortiz has reason for a double celebration.  With the advice and support of Skilling and Employment, Ramon has secured a new job within walking distance of his home and he is our 2000th successful job seeker.

Mr Ortiz approached Skilling and Employment to find a position closer to home to cut down on the lengthy two hour commute to his previous occupation.  "Skilling and Employment staff reviewed my resume and provided me with tips and hints to help with my job search" Mr Ortiz said.  "I can now walk to my new job as a Sales & Business Development Officer.  I have an improved work-life balance with more time to relax with family and friends and have progressed my career at the same time.  Skilling and Emplooyment si an extremely helpful local service - the Centre has even helped my son find work.


Margaret had been looking for a profession back in the cleaning industry for quite a while.  After having to sell her house so she could move closer to where there could be a possibility of her finding work more easily Margaret came into the Skilling and Employment Centre and starting using the facilities to help her with her job search as well assistance from staff to help her with updating her resume and tips on how to best jobsearch.  After applying for a few cleaning positons without success she then after discussing with us, decidied to start and "cold canvass", just drop her resume into places even if there wasn't any work available at that time, atleast they had her qualifcations if a job did become available.  Maragaret has now been successful in a position at Penrith Plaza, cleaning duties in the Food Court and loving it!!!!!!!  This job was one of the "cold canvass" applications that she did. Margaret was very excited on coming into the Skilling and Employment Centre and letting the staff now that she had been successful in finding work. Margaret was most appreciative of all the help and support that the staff gave her and the positive attitude from the staff and more importantly stated how even though she has disabilities and is over that age of 55, it is not impossible to get a JOB!!!!!!

John Reily

John Reily 

Left a job after many years. Needed assistance on computer to job search & update resume. Could not find another job the same as before so decided to complete a hospitality training course. John then obtained employment with the Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club. John has been there for over 3 years and is working approx 40 hours per week.

Terrie Portis
Terrie Portis

Terrie Portis

After closing her business of 3 years, Terrie started to look for a new job. After a number of unsuccessful applications, she attended the Skilling and Employment Centre. Terrie was given advice regarding the preparation of her resume and writing application letters and applied for a number of positions using the centre's computers and fax. Terrie was successful in her application for three of the positions she applied for and is now working locally in the hospitality industry. 'It is the individual attention and enthusiasm of the staff that makes the Skilling & Employment Centre so good' Terrie said. 2 years later Terrie again sought the assistance of the Skilling and Employment Centre to assist her with an application for a Govt position. Terrie is now working full time for a Govt organisation in Penrith.

Scott McGuiness

Uppercut, a local concrete cutting business approached the Skilling and Employment Centre to advise that they were in need of a driver. Scott was recommended to Uppercut and he started the next day. After 4 months, Scott has been promoted and offered a full time traineeship in concrete cutting.

Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

Finished his HSC last year and has just begun a diploma in child care services at Kingswood TAFE. Use the centre to secure part time work. Jose is also working casually for a hospitality business in Penrith

Elise Fowler

Elise used the centre regularly to look for and apply for several positions. When her 'dream job' was advertised, Elise requested some assistance in the preparation of her application. Elise was ecstatic when offered the position and is now working with young mothers and their children in the Penrith region.

Vishwa Rand
Vishwa Rand

Vishwa Rand

Vishwa Nand, 41 year old from Werrington immigrated to Australia last year.  He came in to use the Centre's services as his computer was still in a shipping container and he needed to use the computer and internet to look for jobs.  After 3 weeks of enthusiastic job seeking (coming into the Centre very second day) Vishwa was successful obtaining a job as a Production Supervisor with W & T Displays.   This company manufactured and installed the Centre's window display and display board.  Vishwa has now been in the job since July 2005 and now plans to buy a house and settle in the local area.

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